Recommended Book

Like all bonsai-olics, i have a fair few books and magazines about the art. Some are mostly for inspiration, others for species informations or specific topics. But i have recently acquired one from a local bonsai artist, Stephen Cullum. I think it is brilliantly written and organized. With a wealth of knowledge instilled in and specific information and thoughts about doing bonsai in Australia.

Bougi Cutting, almost 1 year on..

Almost a year since I planted this cutting, about 5cm in diameter. I am hoping to get some “water shoot” growth soon, in order to build the structure of what could be a very nice tree down the line. I will need to modify the planting angle at next repot, as well as working on making this tree more realistic and believable by carving the end of the cutting…

Bougi Semi cascade

Aims and Goals

A very beginner by all means, 4 years on in this addiction and I am still married… A few trees have died (ok, fine…., I killed them, including my first one…RIP “Benji Uno”), but many more are thriving and teaching me something every day.

Almost all my trees are tropical for some reason. This blog is about keeping tracks of my trees, successes and failures, frustrations and trepidations. I am especially looking forward to sharing and learning from the bonsai community. I am a member of a Bonsai Club (BIMER in Brisbane) and browse regularly the great Ausbonsai Forum.

Tropical Bonsai

I started my Bonsai journey the year my son was born, 2013, sowing a few Jacaranda seeds. I still have 2 healthy trees today. At the time, not knowing anything about bonsai and trees, I thought they would make beautiful bonsai..!! Yeah, right ! I know better now.

Being in a sub tropical climate, we are blessed with a very long growing season (it hardly ever stop really). So most trees grow quickly, and with that comes often longer internodes, long vertical shoots, …

A lot of our trees comes from Brazil here in Brisbane, Jacaranda, Ponciana, Leopard Tree, Tabebuia, Jaboticaba, Coral tree,…. They are stunning, but are definitely very challenging to train as future bonsai !