Schefflera actinophylla repot

This tree was collected in my garden 5 years ago, it was growing on a stag horn on a palm tree.

It is a fast grower, obviously loving sun, heat and water. It was pretty much cut flat a the base, no roots. It was over a meter tall, so I trunk chopped it. As the heart wood isn’t hard, it rotted, and now the main trunk is hollow.

The new Chinese pot will suit for now. I like the color contrast, but I see more a concrete slab, i believe it will compliment this urban yamadori.

It was more than time to repot it, as you can see on the picture. Interesting to notice how vigorously the roots grew where I had my fertilizer cakes. I need to reduce the amount of fertilizer, and rotate more often to prevent this. The root mass inside the pot is very dense and fine, which was a nice surprise. Seeing all those thick fleshy roots coming from every draining hole, I wasn’t expecting such fine roots.

Previous substrate was pumice/zeolite/pine bark in 2/2/1 ratio, and 3/6mm. This time I went for pumice/zeolite/scoria/akadama, 1/1/1/1, same size.

Looking forward to the future for that tree, very natural looking.

Watered and with top dressing
Time for a repot!
Yep, definitely!
Where my fert cake was..
Secured, ready for rest of substrate
Pot’s chops
What was removed

Tabebuia aurea

Tabebuia aurea, or silver trumpet tree, is readily planted on the streets of Brisbane. It is glorious in October, when it is in full bloom, no leaves yet. Although the compound leaves with long petioles are a challenge to bonsai, its beautiful natural lines, corky bark and intense yellow bloom make it a no brainer for me.

Driving through Brisbane in November last year, I managed to find one covered in seed pods (not many go to seed it seems…?). And yes, seeds do germinate at a high percentage thankfully.

To be continued soon….